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Vintage Homer Laughlin Woolworth's Harlequin in Original Spruce Green Glaze | Circa 1936-1940

"Red, Blue, Green and Yellow" were the original four Harlequin Glazes released in 1936 for Woolworths own solid color dinnerware line. What collectors have come to be known as Spruce Green (rather than simply green) was one of these original Homer Laughlin glazes, specially formulated for the department store giant. Spruce and maroon were both dropped relatively quickly from the line as new colors were introduced. Collectors of Homer Laughlin solid colored pottery will appreciate the Harlequin glaze colors that were not heavily shared with the companies many other pottery lines.

Vintage Harlequin Spruce Green Service Water Ball Pitcher For Sale

Vintage Harlequin Spruce Green Service Water Ball Pitcher »

Circa 1938-1942: Spruce was one of the original colors designed for the Harlequin line, exclusively for Woolworths. A delightful color on one of the most collectable pieces of the Harlequin line — the service water pitcher.

For Sale: $195

Vintage Harlequin Spruce Green Demitasse Cup and Saucer Set »

Circa October 1939-1941: Made for just over two years in the original two Harlequin colors of Spruce Green and Mauve, the demitasse cup and saucer set will be another hard to find item in these early colors.

For Sale: $175

Vintage Harlequin Spruce Green Sugar and Creamer Set »

Circa 1936-1941: Three Piece Set— The sugar bowl was the eighth piece designed for the Harlequin. Produced in spruce green until 1941,this example is the earliest version with the rings on the inside bottom of the sugar bowl and a slightly flared, hand-applied foot.

For Sale: $175

vintage harlequin spruce green cream soup bowl for sale

Vintage Harlequin Spruce Green Cream Soup Bowl »

Circa 1938-1941: Found in all twelve colors the cream soup was added only years before the original colors of Maroon and Maroon were dropped, making these two early glazes hard to find on the cream soup bowl.

For Sale: $85

Vintage Harlequin Dinnerware 9 Inch Round Nappie Vegetable Bowl in Original Spruce Glaze

Vintage Harlequin Spruce Green Round Vegetable Bowl »

Circa 1936-1942: The spruce glaze was one of the original four glazes developed for the Harlequin pottery line, the others being maroon, Harlequin blue (mauve) and harlequin yellow. Discontinued between 1940-1942, collectors will cherish finding such excellent early examples of the harlequin pottery in the original four glazes.

For Sale: $85

Vintage Harlequin Pottery For Sale: Spruce Nut Dish 40s 50s Pottery

Vintage Harlequin Spruce Green Basketweave Nut Dish »

Circa 1938-1941: The Harlequin nut dish may perhaps been intended as an individual ashtray. The basketweave pattern that coers the inside is associated with the Japanese Marutomo dish. The nut bowl was adopted and began production in March of 1938...

For Sale: $65

Vintage Harlequin Spruce Green Platter

Vintage Harlequin Spruce Green 11" Platter »

Circa 1936-1940: Spruce was one of the first colors discontinued from the Harlequin line. Unique to the Harlequin line, it's a treat to find the early spruce green glaze on the vintage shapes. This example of the oval platter is in excellent, collector quality condition.

For Sale: $115

Vintage Harlequin Water Tumbler in Spruce Green Colored Glaze for Sale

Vintage Harlequin Spruce Green Water Tumbler »

Circa 1938-1940: Since the tumblers were released over a year after the Harlequin line proved itself popular at Woolworth's five and dime stores, and the original spruce color was discontinued a couple years later, the Harlequin water tumbler in the first glazes will be hard to find. Measures 4 3/8" h x 2 1/4"w.

For Sale: $75

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