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Vintage Fiesta and Harlequin Mustard and Marmalade Jars | Circa 1936-1946

The lidded marmalade was originally designed as the mustard, but Homer Laughlin had the forsight to see that was a very large jar for mustard, so it was repurposed as a jam jar instead. The delightful piece would have had the knob cast and then attached by hand (which is why so many of the knobs tilt). The foot would have been flared out by hand and then the bands of rings would be etched on the foot one by one with a metal blade on the jiggering machine which spun the pieces around. Finally the spoon hole would have been punched in to the lid, also by hand. Lots of hand craftsmanship went into the early production pieces.

Vintage Fiestaware Marmalades

Yellow Vintage Fiestaware Covered Marmalade Jar For Sale

Vintage Fiesta Yellow Marmalade »

Circa 1936-1946: Orignally called the "honey jar". Marked in the mold on the bottom. This example has fantastic color with a bold yellow and good even coverage. 4 1/2" tall by 3 3/4" wide.

For Sale: $365

red vintage fiestaware covered marmalade jar for sale

Vintage Fiesta Original Red Marmalade »

Circa 1936-1942: This example in the hard to find red is discounted because of a factory glaze pop and miss on the edge of the lid.

For Sale: $ 425 265

Vintage Fiestaware Mustards

Attention turned to the design of the mustard, which after numerous revisions was finalized. The mustard's lid was slip cast in one piece, just like the medium sized C handled teapot, so no tilted lids on the cute little mustards. Measuring 3 1/16" tall x 2 1/2" wide, and unmarked because of it's small size, the mustard another hard to find item that is a must have to add to your collection.

 vintage fiestaware red mustard jar

Vintage Fiesta Red Mustard Jar »

Circa 1936-1942: The red Fiesta mustard was only in production for six years and will prove hard to find, especially in excellent condition. This example has a wonderfully vibrant red glaze and would be a delight to add to your collection.

For Sale: $325

green vintage fiestaware mustard jar

Vintage Fiesta Original Green Mustard Jar »

Circa 1936-1946: All mustards are hard so even when they have a little damage they are still desirable. This little guy has a very small tight line at the tip of his spoon hole and a couple of in the making darker spots, so it's discounted more than half!

For Sale: $325 150

 vintage fiestaware ivory mustard jar

Vintage Fiesta Ivory Mustard Jar »

Circa 1936-1946: In the quest for perfection, the Homer Laughlin Pottery Company designed three mustards before finalizing the size that seemed just right. Produced for only 10 years, the vintage fiesta mustards are not easy to find.


Vintage Harlequin Marmalades

Made for a scant four years, from 1938-1942, the Harlequin marmalade can be considered quite rare today and years may go bye before one surfaces for sale. Found in eight of the original Harlequin colors, any are an absolute joy to find.

rare yellow harlequin marmalade jar

Harlequin Yellow Marmalade »

Circa 1938-1941: The marmalade jar from the Harlequin pottery line was one of the first five pieces discontinued from production and will prove exceptionally hard to find. All examples are rare.


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