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Vintage Fiesta, Harlequin and Riviera Pottery Syrup Pitchers in Original Glazes For Sale | Circa 1930s-1940s

Vintage Fiesta Pottery Syrup Pitchers
Rare Vintage Fiesta Green Syrup Pitcher For Sale

Vintage Fiesta Syrup Pitcher in Original Green Glaze »

Circa 1938-1940: Produced for a scant two years, between 1938 and 1940, the fiesta syrup is an all time favorite for collectors. This original green example boasts perfect condition with a fabulous even glaze.

For Sale: $395

Vintage Riviera Pottery Syrup Pitchers
Riviera Pottery: Covered Syrup in Red for Sale: Vintage Homer Laughlin Pottery: 30s 40s Fiestaware Americana Dinnerware

Vintage Riviera Pottery Covered Syrup Pitcher in Red »

Circa 1936-1943: The Riviera pottery lidded syrup in original red is a charming and unusual piece. This example is in excellent condition. If you do not own a syrup but collect Riviera or love the early Fiestaware pottery, this piece will absolutely delight you. Finding the syrups for Riviera is becoming increasingly difficult. This one is a real treat.

For Sale: $325

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