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Vintage Homer Laughlin Pottery Company Large Half Pound and Quarter Pound Butter Dishes for Sale | Circa 1936-1959

The Vintage Fiesta0 line did not include a butter specifically made for the Vintage Fiesta pottery line. Vintage Fiesta collectors dip into the other pottery lines of Harlequin and Riviera, which in turn borrowed the butter shape from the Century and Jade Homer Laughlin lines, to add the butter shape to their collections.

Large 1/2 Pound Butter Dishes
rose 1940s harlequin pottery butter dish for sale

Vintage Harlequin Pottery Covered Butter Dish in Vintage Rose Glaze »

Circa 1941-1948: The Harlequin butter dish shape was borrowed from a line called Jade, which was designed in the early 30s. Used in the Harlequin Pottery line, it also works perfectly with the vintage Fiesta0 line...

For Sale: $265

Harlequin Yellow Vintage Fiesta Half Pound Lidded Butter Dish

Vintage Harlequin Pottery Covered Butter Dish in Harlequin Yellow Glaze »

Circa 1938-1948: The Harlequin butter dish shape was borrowed from a 30s line called Jade. Interestingly the vintage Fiesta line never had a butter dish of it's own, so collectors turn towards this version for their collections.

For Sale: $265

1/4 Pound Butter Dishes
yellow riviera butter dish for sale homer laughlin fiestaware

Vintage Riviera Lidded Butter Dish in Original Harlequin Yellow Glaze »

Circa 1936-1944: While there was never a butter dish designed for the original Fiestaware line, Homer Laughlin looked to their many other pottery collections and pulled from both their Century and Jade examples. The small quarter pound version will be found dipped in the Riviera colors of Harlequin blue (mauve), yellow, original Fiesta green and red.

For Sale: $295

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