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Vintage Fiesta Pitchers for Sale | Circa 1936-1949

The ice lip pitcher gets its name from a lip that bridges the spout, designed to keep ice from falling into your glass. This wonderful pitcher was only in made for ten years when it and fourteen other items were quickly cut from production. The great beefy handle would have been cast separately from the pitcher and applied by hand. The foot as well would have been hand worked to flare outwards and then had it's band of concentric rings etched in by a metal blade. The ice lip pitcher was only made in the first six colors and is one of the great early pieces of the line. Once you've held one in your hands you realize there is nothing quite like it. It is easily my favorite pitcher in the vintage line and is a delight to use and has a commanding presence with its charming puffy belly. Marked on the bottom with the impressed in the mold markings "fiesta HLC USA". Measures 6 1/2" tall and 9 3/4".

Vintage Fiestaware Ice Lip Pitchers
Vintage Fiesta Ice Lip Pitcher in Original Red

Vintage Fiesta Red Ice Lip Pitcher »

Circa 1936-1942: The ice lip pitcher is spectacular in the original vintage red fiestaware solid colored glaze.

For Sale: $245

Vintage FIesta Ice Lip Pitcher For Sale

Vintage Fiesta Ivory Ice Lip Pitcher »

Circa 1936-1946: A stunning delight in the subtle creamy ivory vellum glaze, the ice lip pitcher is showcased in one of the cornerstone glazes from the original vintage fiesta line.

For Sale: $210

Original Green Fiesta Vintage Ice Lip Pitcher: Fiestaware For Sale

Vintage Fiesta Ice Lip Pitcher in Original Green Glaze »

Circa 1936-1946: Never intended to have a lid, the generous bridged lip, designed to hold back ice, gives this great pitcher its name. Excellent example in original green.

For Sale: $210

 Vintage Fiesta Ice Lip Pitcher in Original Turquoise: Genuine, Old, Antique, For Sale, Gift

Vintage Fiesta Ice Lip Pitcher in Original Yellow Glaze »

Circa 1936-1946: Perfectly designed ice lip pitcher holds nearly 64 ounces. Never meant to have a lid, the bridge over the spout kept ice in the pitcher.

For Sale: $210

Vintage Fiestaware Ice Lip Pitcher in Original Cobalt Blue Glaze For Sale

Vintage Fiesta Cobalt Blue Ice Lip Pitcher »

Circa 1936-1946: The Fiesta ice lip pitcher showcases the design talents of Rhead, with the bridge across the spout and detailed art deco styling. The large, round pitcher is a great way to showcase your favorite color on a unique form.

For Sale: $185

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