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Vintage Fiesta 2 Pint Jugs for Sale | Circa 1936-1959

The largest of five open pitchers that designer Frederik Rhead experimented with, the two pint jug was released by the summer of 1936 and continued in production until the 1959. The ring handle is the highlight of the piece and appears larger than on any other fiestaware shape. Earlier versions will have the number 5 molded into the bottom (a nod to the five experimental sizes) and all will have a dry white, unglazed base. A charming piece, the open pitcher can be found in ten original fiesta colors.

Vintage Fiesta Two Pint Jugs

red vintage fiestaware 2 pint ring handled jug for sale

Vintage Fiesta Red 2 Pint Jug »

Circa 1937-1942: The red two pint jug was only made for a short handful of years before the glaze was discontinued making this color one of the hardest to find on this great shaped open jug. This example is the early version with the inscribed "5" on the bottom.

For Sale: $185

ivory vintage fiestaware 2 pint jug for sale

Vintage Fiesta Ivory 2 Pint Jug »

Circa 1937-1951: The creamy ivory vellum glaze color was in use at Homer Laughlin before the design of the fiestaware line. Brought in to balance the bright colors, today's collectors rejoice at finding nice examples of the original glaze.

For Sale: $165

Vintage Fiesta Original Green 2 Pint Jug »

Circa 1936-1951: Released in the late spring of 1936 in the original vintage fiestaware colors, the two pint jug, with it's oversized ring handle is one of the great open pitchers of the pottery line.

For Sale: $155

yellow vintage fiestaware 2 pint jug with ring handle and rings made from 1936-1959

Vintage Fiesta Yellow 2 Pint Jug »

Circa 1937-1959: It is here, on the Fiesta 2 pint jug, that the iconic ring handle is showcased. With a wonderfully simple body, the handle stands out, adding significant personality to this open jug design.

For Sale: $165

vintage fiestaware turquoise two pint jug for sale

Vintage Fiesta Turquoise 2 Pint Jug »

Circa 1938-1959: The largest of a set of five variations of open jugs that pottery designer Frederick Rhead experimented with, the Fiesta 2-Pint jug is a delight. This example is in excellent condition, without damage or signs of use.

For Sale: $165

Vintage Fiesta 1950s Chartreuse 2 Pint Jug »

Circa 1951-1959: The chartreuse 1950s color is always on of the most popular collectors colors and is a delight on the large ring handled open pitcher.

For Sale: $165

Vintage Fiesta 1950s Gray 2 Pint Jug »

Circa 1951-1959: Homer Laughlin Pottery's 50s colors pearly gray just radiates on this great 2 pint jug. With the ring handle showcased on the side and the subtle embellishments.

For Sale: $140

1950s rose Vintage Fiestaware 2 pint jug

Vintage Fiesta 1950s Rose 2 Pint Jug »

Circa 1951-1959: Vintage 50s rose on the great Fiesta 2 pint jug. Slip cast with concentric rings around the top and the classic ring handle. Delightful to use and full of subtle, art-deco infused design elements.

For Sale: $165

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