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Vintage Harlequin Pottery Cup and Saucer in Original Blue (mauve) Glaze for Sale | Circa 1941-1951

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Vintage Harlequin Pottery Blue Cup and Saucer Set For Sale  

Circa 1941-1951: The teacup and saucer was a cornerstone in a pottery lines design. Great attention to detail was given to the Harlequin teacup— rings surround the body of the flared cup, the inside of the saucer bowl and even seem to line the scalloped decoration under the handle. Made from a thinner clay body than the sister pottery of Fiesta, it is harder to find Harlequin without damage, and collectors will appreciate the unused look of this vintage set in the classic original Harlequin Blue (mauve) glaze.

Vintage Harlequin Pottery Cup and Saucer Set in Original Blue (mauve) Glaze
For Sale: $45

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