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Vintage Harlequin Pottery 22 Ounce Pitcher in Original Original Spruce Green Glaze | Circa 1938-1942

Circa 1938-1942: The 22 oz jug designed for the Harlequin pottery line was always a popular piece and was produced from the Spring of 1938 until 1959. Maroon was an original Harlequin color but was dropped from production by 1942, making maroon one of the harder Harlequin colors to come by. It's exciting to find this early piece of Homer Laughlins pottery, and in such wonderful condition. No damage, no touch-ups or repairs, very little apparent use. Three stilt marks from the kiln show on the bottom, along with the tell-tale HLCo band of concentric rings. Measures: 5" Tall by 6 1/2" wide when including the great, angular, art-deco handle.

turquoise vintage fiesta covered onion soup bowl

vintage fiesta covered onion soup bowl in original turquoise glaze

lid turquoise vintage fiesta onion soup bowl

inside bottom turquoise covered onion fiesta bowl

bottom unmarked fiestaware turquoise onion soup bowl

handles vintage fiesta pottery covered onion soup bowl in turquoise

original fiestaware scroll handles hand crafted vintage pottery

two piece lidded covered bowl unmarked vintage fiesta ware

Vintage Harlequin Pottery 22 ounce Pitcher in Original Spruce Green
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