Vintage Homer Laughlin China Co. Pottery in Original Harlequin "Mauve" Blue Glaze | Circa 1936-1948

The blue glaze developed for the Harlequin pottery line at the Homer Laughlin China Company for the 1936 release of their Harlequin line was quite different than the blue glaze they were using on the Fiesta line. Spruce green, maroon (burgandy) and a brilliant yellow rounded out the initial 4 color introduction. The Harlequin blue glaze was one of the first two glaze formulations that Dr. A. V. Bleininger perfected for the solid color dinnerware lines at HLCCo. and they used it on both their Harlequin line and dipped over the century shape it became Riviera. Collectors sometimes refer to the color as "Mauve" blue, started in one of the Huxford books, but that is really a misnomer since the color doesn't really match a standard mauve. Homer Laughin intended it "Blue".