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Vintage Fiesta, Harlequin, Kitchen Kraft and Riviera Homer Laughlin Pottery in Original Yellow Glaze | Circa 1936-1969

During the 33 years that Homer Laughlin manufactured vintage Fiesta pottery, eleven different glazes found their way onto the shapes of the line. Although red may have its radioactive fame and turquoise its rare and nonexistent pieces, it is yellow that can lay claim to being the longest running glaze of the entire vintage Fiesta pottery line. Since inception in 1936, to the end of production in 1969, yellow remained the central part of the vintage Fiesta rainbow of glazes. A consistent glaze, with far less inconsistencies that pesky light green, the vintage Fiesta yellow seems a true mustard yellow. It is worth noting that the yellow used for Harlequin and Riviera glaze is not the same and is brighter and shinier, collectors simply refer to the colors as "Yellow" for fiesta and "Harlequin" yellow for the brighter glaze, which does find it's way onto Fiesta shapes, such as the disk juice pitcher and tumblers.

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