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Vintage Fiesta, Harlequin and Riviera Pottery Deep Plates For Sale | Circa 1936-1972

Circa 1936-1972: The Vintage Fiesta deep plate would have been cast in a mold and finished by hand work on the jiggering, which would etch in the final band of concentric rings on the bottom. Like all of the Vintage Fiesta plates, the deep plate is fully glazed and usually marked under the glaze with the "GENUINE Fiesta HLCo USA" glaze stamp. Vintage Fiesta deep plates would have been placed by hand into the kilns and set on sagger stilts under the rim, leaving the three marks underneath where they sat touching the glaze. Part of an upgrade to the Vintage Fiesta line, the deep plate was added, along with 14 other new items shortly after the potteries promising start.

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