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Vintage Fiesta Carafes in Six Original Glazes | Circa 1936-1946

There is no other Vintage Fiesta shape quite like the carafe! This 3 pint water jug is unique like no other shape produced at Homer Laughlin, or even other pottery companies. Designer Frederick Rhead was known for occasionally borrowing and modifiying shapes, but his water jug is distinctly his own. Hand work would have included smoothing the edges of the mold seams, attaching the handle to the body, shaping of the foot on the jiggering machine, and atttching a 1 1/2" cork to the underside of the lid. Early variations of the Vintage Fiesta carafe will have larger in the mold marks, which will be delightfully surrounded by a circle of concentric rings. Produced for one short decade and available in just the first original six Vintage Fiesta colors, Frederick Rhead's water jug remains a classic icon embodying the art-deco influenced design of the era.

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