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Rare Vintage Fiesta Juice Pitcher in Original 1950s Gray Glaze for Sale | Circa 1951

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Circa 1951-Mid 1952: The Fiesta juice pitcher was released throughout the years with various promotional campaigns in a few select colors, most commonly yellow, then red and celadeon green, and the rarest of them all is in the sophisticated Gray of the 50s fiesta colors that HLCo also used in the Rhythm line which was sold through Woolworths. Two forest green, two chartreuse and two harlequin tumblers would have completed the promotional ensemble. Slid cast holloware marked in the mold with the impressed mark "Fiesta HLC USA" and this example boasts the most perfect condition possible. This example in gray is in excellent condition, stands 6" tall, 6 1/2" wide.

vintage fiesta gray disc juice pitcher

rare fiesta gray juice pitcher

gray fiesta disc juice pitcher handle

bottom view gray fiesta disc juice pitcher

rare original gray vintage fiestaware disc juice pitcher

spout view fiestaware gray juice pitcher

small gray older fiesta gray disc pitcher

gray color small old fiesta juice pitcher

Rare Vintage 1950s Fiesta Juice Pitcher in Original Gray Glaze
For Sale: $2250

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