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Rare Vintage Fiesta Pottery Covered Onion Soup Bowl in Original Turquoise Glaze forSale

Circa 1938: The vintage Fiesta covered onion soup bowl was discontinued very early on in production, just ever so shortly after the turquoise glaze was formulated, so finding the already hard to find covered onion soup bowl in the original turquoise glaze is next to impossible.

turquoise vintage fiesta covered onion soup bowl

In Fiesta, Harlequin, Kitchen Kraft Dinnerwares: The Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association Guide (Schiffer Publishing, 2000), the editors argue that the date range for the introduction of HLCC's turquoise glaze into the Fiesta dinnerware line "can be narrowed only to 'sometime in June, July, or August 1937'" and that "price lists suggest that onion soups were discontinued in the fall of 1937."

vintage fiesta covered onion soup bowl in original turquoise glaze

lid turquoise vintage fiesta onion soup bowl

This leaves an extremely narrow time window for the publicly unappreciated covered onion soup bowl to be produced in turquoise and accounts for its rarity and the sacredness with which the turquoise covered onion soup is treated in today's collecting circles.

inside bottom turquoise covered onion fiesta bowl

bottom unmarked fiestaware turquoise onion soup bowl

handles vintage fiesta pottery covered onion soup bowl in turquoise

original fiestaware scroll handles hand crafted vintage pottery

Here you see the one factory glaze pop on the lid, shown at about 7o'clock on the ring of the lid, and one dark spot under the glaze on the base of the pot.

two piece lidded covered bowl unmarked vintage fiesta ware

original turquoise vintage fiesta covered bowl

Rare Vintage Fiesta Covered Onion Soup Bowl in Original Turquoise Glaze
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