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Vintage Harlequin Solid-Colored Pottery produced for Woolworth's Stores | Circa 1936-1965

Homer Laughlin launched their Vintage Fiesta pottery line at the beginning of the 1936 and it proved an instant senstation. Quick to join in the solid color mix and match tableware craze, America's great five and dime department store giant, F. W. Woolworth's contracted Homer Laughlin to design a line exclusively for them. The original release in late 1936, just in time for the holidays, consisted of 16 pieces in four new Homer Laughlin colors— Maroon, Spruce, Yellow (brighter than the Fiesta yellow), and Blue (Harlequin blue, sometimes referred to as mauve). The Harlequin line would enjoy great popularity and success and was sold at Woolworths for nearly 29 years.


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