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Vintage Homer Laughlin/Woolworths Novelty Figurine: Donkey in Original Harlequin Maroon Glaze For Sale | Circa 1939

Harlequin Animal Novelty Fish in Maroon  Homer Laughlin Pottery for Woolworths  

Circa 1939-1940: Produced for less than a year, the small animal novelties that Homer Laughlin produced for Woolworths are a delight to find and add to your vintage pottery collection. Bringing an element of humanism into the tablescape is not a success to which many potteries can lay claim. The miniature Fish in Maroon , Fish, Duck, Penguin, Cat and Lamb can add a delighful personality in your cabinets and on your tablescapes. This example of the Original Fish dipped in the Harlequin Mauve glaze is in perfect condition, without damage, use or flaws. Guaranteed.

Vintage Homer Laughlin Novelty Animal: Donkey in Original Maroon Glaze
For Sale: $245

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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